Jenny of all trades

I’m Auckland-based, in my late twenties, and well-experienced in most areas of hospitality.

Background: I grew up in Tauranga where my parents kindly treated me to special dinners out at restaurants from a fairly young age on special occasions. I loved the food and service at a good restaurant or catered party/event, and I knew I’d enjoy being on the giving end. Since then I’ve done countless hours of waitressing, wine and beer service, food prep, full catering service, and other hospitality work. I’ve also worked in T2 tea stores as a shift manager, which also encompassed hospitality work.


I worked in catering and hostess/waitressing roles alongside my 4 year study at University of Auckland (BA/BCom, International Business, Marketing, French). In 2015 I graduated and began working at a marketing agency where I’m currently an Account Manager. Please note: I’m only available for hospitality work that is outside of business hours.

Festivals, weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, expos – I have worked at a variety of events and am confident I can provide noteworthy service at all gatherings.

For my detailed employment history, please feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile.