Waitressing (Auckland)

I genuinely love waitressing and it shows in my work.


  • Working in customer service since 2008
  • Working in hospitality specific roles since 2011
  • ServeWise – Host Responsibility Course Certified
  • Positive attitude, with a genuine smile
  • Strong food and wine knowledge
  • A lot of food/wine experience
  • Master of 3 plate carry etc
  • Good memory

Waitressing Background:

“This meal is delicious. Can I work for you when I’m older? I would like to do some waitressing”  – This is what 9 year old me said to the owners of Harbourside Restaurant Tauranga many years ago.

In 2011 I approached the owners of lovely restaurant named Bravo (these owners had previously run Harbourside Restaurant) and I asked if perhaps I could fulfil my dream of waitressing to subsidise the cost of my university studies (BABCom at UoA in Marketing & French). They said yes, and there began my love of presenting people with food and wine.


I was a waitress at Bravo Cafe & Restaurant, Tauranga from Nov 2011 til March 2014. They gave me excellent training in hospitality. The owners who hired me have been in the restaurant business a long time, and they instilled in me a strong sense of duty and high standards. During my years working there as much as I could, I found that everyone I worked under and alongside took great pride in their roles which certainly encouraged my own already inherent enjoyment of being a waitress.

In November 2013 I was promoted to Maître D’ / Acting Duty Manager. I thoroughly enjoyed my role as Maître D’ / Acting Duty Manager over the busiest summer months: November 2013 – March 2014. I was given considerable responsibility with regards to staff organisation, banking, and ensuring all restaurant patrons would have a brilliant evening of memorable service by myself and waitstaff.

I left Bravo to take on a part time role with T2 Tea Queen Street. There I became a “Maître Tea” sales associate and was promoted to Shift Manager, running the store during my assigned shifts. I most recently continued this role at T2 Tea St Lukes, and would also help out at T2 Tea Newmarket from time to time. Working with T2 was somewhat akin to waitressing bar work and cafe management as it is a beverage providing store.

In a freelance capacity, I have waitressed at many private functions – small and large. Eg) Large banquet at Shed 10, Intimate dinner party of under 20 people, Restaurant service at a nice St Heliers bistro, and so on..


“Jenny, thank you so much for last night. You were totally amazing and I never want to host another party solo because it made such a difference to our enjoyment levels having you. My family and friends were so impressed.” – Kate


Past Waitressing etc:

2011-2014: Bravo Restaurant – Waitressing, then Maître D’ / Acting Duty Manager.
2012-2013: Billy’s Food Event Catering – Front counter service, food presentation.
2013: 22 Degrees Ltd Annual Party – Running bar, wine & beer.
2014: 22 Degrees Ltd Annual Party – Head Waitress, bar work, carrying large platters etc.
2015: 22 Degrees Ltd Annual Party – Head Waitress, bar work, carrying large platters etc.
& Wedding Ceremony+Reception assistant, bartending for 85 guests.

2016: Private Birthday Party – 50 guests – homestyle three course full catering service incl menu creation (mexican themed)
& Retail Event work at Travel Expo – Merchandising/Sales
& Grey Lynn Festival Creperie Stall
& Private Large Party, beer and wine, plus general party assistance incl cooking nibbles
& Private Birthday Long Lunch with 40 guests – food prep, cooking, and service
& Private Large Party day & night – 70 guests – homestyle spanish tapas full service catering incl menu creation

2017: Front-of-house for Event Coffee Cart at very large Auckland event
& Waitstaff for Plated Service (Annual Awards at Shed 10)
& Private Anniversary Party – 45 Guests – Catering and Drinks Service + Cleanup
& Catering Vietnamese + Italian Salads for 30 Guests
& Catering Private Dinner Party – 10 Guests – Three Courses and nibbles…